Quebec City in March, 2018 – Day 3

Day 3!  See Day 2 here. Day 3 was a day to visit the old port area, below the rest of the city.


Here we have Bec at the top of the l’escalier casse-cou, heading down into the old port area.


And now down in the old port area.


Passage de la Batterie down in the old port area.


And then we walked down to the edge of the ice-filled St. Lawrence.


Just another shot of the ice.  Pretty neat to see.


The city wall and citadel as seen from below.  In fact you can see the cannon we had been standing next to the prior day.


And then we walked over to the city market!  This is where we had lunch.  It was OK.  Fun to hang with locals.


I have to share this picture just because of how happy everyone is.  We got some tasty macarons.


And we got some spices and tea, all still inside the market.


I’ll just let you read the sign.


And here we are standing on an inlet of the St. Lawrence near the market!  There was ice fishing going on, those are inflatable igloos.  Generally I felt like Quebec did not have the often-absurd levels of regulation caused by safety concerns you often see in the United States.


Come to warm you up.


And then we walked toward a mural Bec wanted to see.  Click to see a larger version.  This features many important people from the history of Quebec.  Note that is a flat building.  Pretty impressive.


And here we are outside the Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, built 1690 – now that is an old North American church.  The church was actually originally named for the infant Jesus, but was renamed for victory after a failed attack by Massachusetts colony.


Heading back into the heart of the old port area.


Got some chocolat-chaud and, er, more macarons.


And then we actually took the funicular up out of the old port area.


And this is me near our hotel later.  End of day!

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