Links I liked, 6/22/2015 – 6/28/2015 (recycling problems, teacher teachspans, ACLU)

1. American recycling is stalling, and the big blue bin is one reason why

Single-stream recycling is actually a big pain for processors.  And it results in a lot of waste – 1/3 of glass picked up is crushed in processing and has to be sent to landfills, perhaps contaminating other materials along the way.

2. Video of Portland tornado

Pretty dramatic footage of a tornado that went through downtown Portland, Michigan (we don’t get many up here!).  You wonder about that car that turned off-frame two seconds before it went through.  No one was killed, but that must have been one spooked driver.

3. Sermon: The Communion of Saints

Sermon from our church’s international ministry director.  Question he got from a Muslim student – “why do your imams try to drown you?”  (Baptism reference.)  He he.

4. Most Michigan Teachers Leave Before Qualifying For a Pension

Found this interesting not directly because of the pension part, but because I know that you must work 10 full-time years before becoming eligible for a pension.  Which means most Michigan teachers don’t work ten full-time years.  Huh.

5. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Breaks Up During Launch Vehicle Failure

Video at link.  Second recent failed attempt to deliver cargo to the ISS.  Space travel is still more difficult than we often think.

6. ACLU: We’re only interested in protecting some civil rights

It continues to boggle my mind that merely declining to participate in an event (like a same-sex marriage) because you have a moral problem with it is “imposing your views on others”.  However compelling someone else to participate in such an event against their will, and suing them if they don’t, isn’t?  Exactly backwards, but the ACLU doesn’t get it.  (Ed Morrissey does, though.)

7. Gay Conservatism and Straight Liberation

Russ Douthat points out the irony that while Kennedy’s decision on gay marriage argues by placing marriage on a very high pedestal, most millenials seem to be rejecting that conception of the institution.  (But I don’t think they’ll object to the ruling.)  Good read for some historical perspective.

Lansing Lugnut Fireworks

Lansing Lugnut Fireworks

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