Links I liked, 6/15/2015 – 6/21/2015 (Bikes are great, Russian censors, Midwest earthquakes)

1. US mid-continent seismicity linked to high-rate injection wells

A new study pins the blame for the increase in Midwest earthquakes on, specifically, injection wells pumping more than 300,000 barrels of wastewater into the ground each month.  Apparently smaller rate injection wells have been used for decades without this issue.

2. InterVarsity Regains Access to Cal State Campuses

Absurd rule that religious organizations could not require their student leaders to share the same religion has been… clarified?  Overturned?  Can’t tell, but in any case, IV is back.  Discouraging statistic at the end though,

Just under half (44 percent) of evangelicals told LifeWay Research recently that student groups at public schools should not be allowed to require their leaders to hold specific beliefs.

3. Why Erasing Hamilton From The $10 Bill Is Erasing Our History

Not sure I buy the conspiracy, but Steve Forbes is one fire… and opposed to losing Hamilton from our currency.

4. Propaganda Cat Brings Soviet a Nazi Deserter

Enough said.  (From January 11, 1942.)

5. Why Freddy’s BBQ From ‘House Of Cards’ Couldn’t Really Exist

A case study in how regulators prevent good things from ever existing.

6. How we discovered the dark side of wearable fitness trackers

But in analysing these findings, we also started to notice that the relationship is perhaps not as pure and unproblematic as first believed. The idea that technology is both liberating and oppressive, first articulated by philosopher Lewis Mumford in the 1930s, started to shine through. When we asked the women how they felt without their Fitbit, many reported feeling “naked” (45%) and that the activities they completed were wasted (43%). Some even felt less motivated to exercise (22%).

7. Get Rich With… Bikes

The bike will probably turn out to be the best thing ever invented for humankind. It is taking us a while to realize this, but I think more people are coming around with each generation.

Dostoevsky on Russian censors

Dostoevsky on Russian censors

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