Links I liked, 6/8/2015 – 6/14/2015 (Red Cross, Hillsdale, Adoption Laws)

1. How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars For Haiti and Built 6 Homes

Hold your charities accountable!  And know that the biggest and most mentioned are often not the best.

2. What Makes a Woman?

Fascinating article from a left-wing professor in the New York Times who is seriously upset by what the transgender movement is doing to our conception of womanhood.  To quickly summarize her position, essentially she argues that “what makes a woman a woman” is the process of growing up as and living as a woman, both in what that entails biologically and what results from cultural expectations. Ergo someone like Jenner, who has not lived that life, cannot just pop some pills and have some surgery and voila, he’s a woman with just as much a right to speak into feminine issues as someone like this author.  (She’s also rather ticked that Jenner proved his feminine credentials by effectively adopting every stereotype about women on the market.) Fascinating reading, especially coming from someone on the left.

Women’s colleges are contorting themselves into knots to accommodate female students who consider themselves men, but usually not men who are living as women. Now these institutions, whose core mission is to cultivate female leaders, have student government and dormitory presidents who identify as males.

3. Liberal Arts for Conservative Minds

An interview with the president of Hillsdale College.

One might wonder, given all this, whether Hillsdale manages to attract many Democratic-leaning students. “The college is not really about that. We don’t ask anybody about that,” Mr. Arnn says. “They tend to be conservative, but here’s why: If you’re going to read old books as if they might have an abiding value, already you’ve taken a step away from the Daily Beast.”

4. Tim Hunt: ‘I’ve been hung out to dry. They haven’t even bothered to ask for my side of affairs’

Cue again Kirsten Powers’ comment that have to stop reducing people to their least-popular political opinion – or in this case, bad joke.  Apparently being a Nobel Laureate is no protection from the social media mob.  Sad story.

5. Snyder, Legislature putting Michigan on path of intolerance and regression

The media just doesn’t get religion, case #4,248.  Somehow a bill that allows adoption agencies to follow the dictates of their conscience when operating (especially as regards placing children with single or same-sex parents) is limiting children’s “access to loving and stable forever homes”.  To the contrary, states that lack these conscience protections have seen Catholic and other adoption agencies lose state contracts – fewer people out trying to place kids in a home actually does harm them.  But once again, a government makes just the teeniest, tiniest nod in favor of religious freedom and the media hyperventilates.  And usually MLive is actually pretty decent, as big media outlets go.

And now something pretty.

MSU Children's Garden

From the Michigan State University Children’s Garden.

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