Links I liked, 6/1/2015 – 6/7/2015 (Russia, Adjunct Faculty, Bald Eagles)

1. Video: Russian SU-24 flies by USS Ross in the Black Sea

On May 30.

2. Lithuania and Poland ask for permanent US military bases to fend off Putin


3. The Rise Of Generic College, USA

Essentially an argument that college administrators prefer adjunct faculty to full-time faculty because that are much more amendable to doing whatever the administration wants.

4. I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

In 2015, such a complaint would not be delivered in such a fashion. Instead of focusing on the rightness or wrongness (or even acceptability) of the materials we reviewed in class, the complaint would center solely on how my teaching affected the student’s emotional state. As I cannot speak to the emotions of my students, I could not mount a defense about the acceptability of my instruction. And if I responded in any way other than apologizing and changing the materials we reviewed in class, professional consequences would likely follow.

A widely commented upon article this last week, if you somehow missed it.

5. Talons-hooked bald eagles the result of midair showdown

Michigan story with some cool photos!

6. The next wave of “body diversity”: Disabled by choice

The fact that someone sincerely desires something cannot be the full measure of what is good and appropriate.

7. Solar cell sets world record with a stabilized efficiency of 13.6%

If you ever wondered how efficient the most efficient solar cells are… now you know.

Storm Trooper Security

Storm trooper security at the last Lansing Lugnuts game.  (Wait, they won’t stop anyone.)

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