Links I liked, 5/25/2015 – 5/31/2015 (Lansing skyline, prodigal son, sunscreens)

1. Kirsten Powers: Give the ‘bigot’ bomb a break

Stop reducing people to their least popular political opinion.

2. Mormon leader L. Tom Perry dies at 92, opposed same-sex marriage

Reuters totally did not read Kirsten Powers’ article.

3. Where You Live Changes What You See When You Read The Bible

Fascinating little comparison about how Americans v. Russians remember the parable of the prodigal son.

4. ‘Does MapQuest still exist?’ Yes, it does, and it’s a profitable business.

Also fascinating little article about a service we all (used to) know about.

5. Milky Way commercial: “Sorry about your tattoo.”

What is an old photo of the Lansing skyline doing there a few seconds in?!  (You can tell it’s an old photo because what is now the Accident Fund headquarters on the right still has a smokestack.)

6. Why Americans can’t buy some of the best sunscreens

Why the hold-up? In Europe, sunscreen molecules are considered cosmetic ingredients. In the U.S., they are subject to the same scrutiny as over-the-counter drugs, which go through a more rigorous review process than cosmetics.

7. Jupiter seen from our LCC observatory.

LCC Observatory

Our LCC observatory.

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