LCC Student Showcase


Here at Lansing Community College we recently finished out first, hopefully annual (or biannual?) showcase of student work, which we named “Starscapes” since LCC’s mascot is the “Stars”, and we seem to name everything Star-something! We had about 25 student groups sign up to show off their work, which isn’t bad at all for a first run, and attendance was good enough that we ran out of cookies on the first day! (The event was two days total.)

I was quite impressed with how well my presenting students did – this was probably their first poster presentation for many of them, yet they seemed quite at ease. I was proud of them. But what impressed me even more was the crowd – some people attended because they were members of classes, and the professor brought the whole class, but many other people, a surprising number of people to me, just drifted in because they were curious. It reminded me of something the founder of Khan Academy said,

There’s a lot more demand for people who want to just improve themselves than anyone would have guessed.

These weren’t people getting course credit or anything, they were just curious, they just wanted to learn. And they were an encouragement and a joy to talk with – I answered quite a few questions, even though I hadn’t personally put together any of the presentations! We have a great community of learning here.


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