Astronomical note: Don’t miss the Perseids!

I just wanted to drop a quick reminder that one of the best meteor showers of the year is peaking this Saturday night / Sunday morning. Of course, these things don’t turn on and off like a switch, so you can try a day before or afterward if the weather will be cloudy in your area on Saturday. In fact, we saw an early Perseid last night.

Note the longer trail at center-right.

(City parks are still open late at night, right? Shh.)

If you go out at a reasonable hour (midnight is reasonable, right?), look to the northeast. The meteors will appear to come from the constellation Perseus, since that’s the direction the Earth is headed at the moment. Perseus will be below Cassiopeia, which is a “W” shaped constellation a lot of people probably find easier to spot – in fact, it’s at the top in the photo above.

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