Other people impress me so

Don’t have much to say because it would be difficult to share the emotional impact in writing, but we had someone I don’t personally know, a graduating MSU medical school student, share some of the defining moments of her life in church today. Many of us don’t have very dramatic stories, haven’t had any gigantic struggles to overcome – but then some of us have, and those are beautiful stories to hear, especially when the person recognizes that it was God that carried them through. This particular person was born with a condition similar to polio – her parents were told she would probably never walk. But, (perhaps especially since her father was a pastor!), her parents prayed and took her to see specialists, and she progressed through a series of walking aids until she could walk on her own – with a discernable gait, but still walk on her own. And her remaining physical difficulties were not all bad, she said, since they were a mirror to the spiritual difficulties and sins even present in a pastor’s daughter.

Later at age 14, she developed a condition that meant that, without surgery, should would be dead in a year – essentially, her spine was slowly crushing her lungs and other organs. Again, she and her parents prayed and sought specialists, and she found herself about to undergo a nine-hour surgery. Probably like many nine-hour surgeries, the surgery itself was also a risk to her life, and she realized going in that when she went under anesthesia she might never wake back up, this might be when she meets her Maker. She said, in her young faith, that she was ready for that and excited about that, but also prayed that, if she lived, she would make something of her life.

She told this story, today, standing on her own in front of our church, having just graduated from medical school.

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