Lots of interesting blog posts out there today

1. From Stuff Christians Like, we have 4 reasons it’s better to grow up at a small church.  SCL is usually a funny blog, of course, but I will still struck by the little side comment about small churches having terrible music.  It made me realize how fortunate I have been to find myself repeatedly in churches with excellent music (and preaching and teaching too).  The last three churches we attended were filled with musical talent, and all had semi-professional or professional musicians on the worship team.  I’m sure a lot of churches out there, small churches especially, don’t have that, and I take it mostly for granted.

2. From Tim Keller, An Agenda for Recovering Christianity in America. Most interesting paragraph to me,

Third, he cites “the next Christendom,” meaning the explosively growing Christian churches of the former Third World could evangelize the West. Under the first two proposals Douthat can name some existing efforts that hold promise, but this factor is much more than a dream. In European and North American cities literally thousands of new churches and missions have already begun under the leadership of African, Latin American, and Asian Christians.

I had thought the “re-evangelism” of the West sounded good in theory – I didn’t realize it was well underway.

3. From Justin Taylor, Science, Scripture, and the Age of the Universe. Nice video clip from R.C. Sproul at top, especially in light of the recent post here on the Galileo affair. Nice longer quote from the PCA Study Committee Report on Creation there too.

4. From Imprimus, The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials. Yeah OK, that’s not a blog and it’s from a month ago, but I just got around to reading it and I found it interesting!

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