Two common ideas that boggle my mind in the abortion debate

1. The idea that it’s great that some of the people out there who believe the fetus is a person don’t try to impose that belief on others and have abortion outlawed. Excuse me? So you have a high opinion of people who would see a murder in progress and do nothing? You see this idea expressed by published writers, people who seem pretty intelligent most of the time, people who ought to see immediately how insane that sentiment is.

2. The idea that because we don’t know / our society disagrees about when personhood begins, we should leave any decision regarding abortion up to the mother. I have a little more respect for this view, but that uncertainty is, in fact, a reason for banning abortion. I like to make the following analogy:

Suppose a child is playing in a cave, and the cave collapses. The child could be alive or dead, we have no way of knowing. What do we do? Do we ask the mother if, in her opinion, the child is alive or not, and act based on her opinion? No, in our ignorance, we behave as if the child is alive, and try to rescue him.

And that’s exactly how we should treat abortion. If we don’t know when personhood begins, then we should act as if it begins at conception. Not leave the decision up to the mother. It isn’t her life at stake. If someone might be alive, you don’t allow someone else to take an action that would kill them.

That is all! Rant prompted by this article and ensuing comments. Please let me know if you think I’m crazy, or if you think I’ve missed some important ways in which other people are crazy.

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