I suppose it’s kind of odd how little I talk about Physics here, since that’s, you know, kind of my job. But then, maybe that’s why I don’t – I already have a regular, captive audience with which to share any cool Physics thoughts that should pop into my head. (Poor students.) But anyway, in the spirit of acknowledging my real profession, I added a couple permanent pages to the blog related to Physics – you can always find them in the menu bar up there.

The first contains links to some free online resources I’ve used in class – just three to start, but I plan to add to it as I discover (or remember) more that I find useful. The second contains the sort of quotations I like to put on the top of my exams. Enjoy. And leave a comment if you have an applet or quotation I just have to know about.

One more thing, since this is a bit of a housekeeping post – I’ve added one more link to the “Blogs of Friends” roll at the right, Eric Stiller, one of the pastors of our former church in St. Louis. Just one post so far by him, published shortly after Whitney Houston’s death, a poignant piece about how we’re all addicted to something, but only really find fulfillment in God. Hope he writes many more.

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