A rap song on the Heidelberg Catechism? Awesome.

OK, really on Kevin DeYoung’s book on the catechism, but whatever.

Questions 2, 59, & 60 are referenced in the last verse, so here they are in un-rapped form! I didn’t provide the whole context, but you can read the full document if you want.

Question 2

Q: What must you know to live and die in the joy of this comfort?

A: Three things:

first, how great my sin and misery are;
second, how I am set free from all my sins and misery;
third, how I am to thank God for such deliverance.

Question 59

Q: What good does it do you, however,
to believe all this?

A: In Christ I am right with God
and heir to life everlasting.

Question 60

Q. How are you right with God?

A. Only by true faith in Jesus Christ.

Even though my conscience accuses me
of having grievously sinned against all God’s commandments,
of never having kept any of them,
and of still being inclined toward all evil,
without any merit of my own,
out of sheer grace,
God grants and credits to me the perfect satisfaction, righteousness, and holiness of Christ,
as if I had never sinned nor been a sinner,
and as if I had been as perfectly obedient
as Christ was obedient for me.

All I need to do
is accept this gift with a believing heart.


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