Truth-Obscuring Communism

Even the victims.

“I shall quote here from the writings of Nicolas Gimes, a Hungarian Communist who, though he had shortly before been a faithful Stalinist, turned against Stalinism in the Hungarian Revolution of October 1956. The following passage was published three weeks before the revolution.

Slowly we had come to believe, at least with the greater, the dominant part of our consciousness… that there are two kinds of truth, that the truth of the Party and the people can be different and can be more important than the objective truth and that truth and political expediency are in fact identical. This is a terrible thought… if the criterion of truth is political expediency, then even a life can be ‘true’… even a trumped up political trial can be ‘true’…. And so we arrived at the outlook which infected not only those who thought up the faked political trials but often affected even the victims; the outlook which poisoned our whole public life, penetrated the remotest corners of our thinking, obscured our vision, paralysed our critical faculties and finally rendered many of us incapable of simply sensing or apprehending truth. This is how it was, it is no use denying it.

The author of these lines was executed in Budapest in 1958 at the orders of Moscow.”

From Science, Faith, and Society by Michael Polanyi.

2 thoughts on “Truth-Obscuring Communism

  1. Yes, I saw an intriguing quote from Polanyi in “Reasons to Believe” by Scott Hahn that impelled me to seek out this book of his. I’m still going through it, but it has had a lot of interesting things to say about science. (And I’m kind of weirded-out by how casually Polanyi will mention ESP, which he was open-minded about.)

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