Why hello friends

Took this blurry (sorry, was getting dark) photo in White Memorial Park in East Lansing this evening. The deer on the right kind of looks like a disembodied head – I’ll have to save this for Halloween.

For those unfamiliar, in East Lansing, roughly the southern half of town is taken over by MSU. Then, as you head north, you go through the downtown area and then some neighborhoods, but then you come upon a decent amount of open space and parkland – I presume that is where these fine ladies live, certainly where I saw them today. If you keep going north, to where I’m told the property taxes and thus, for students, the rents, are lower, you again come upon a lot of development. (And all those student apartments to the north are why the bus on our nearest cross street runs every six minutes during the day when MSU is in session – many many students need to get to campus.) But there is a lot of green space, and blue space (wetlands) in the center-north of the city, and apparently the wildlife to match.

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