Two Good Blog Posts

Do you not know that the whole point of blogging is to mention other people’s blogs? For it is, I tell you.

I’ve mentioned Kevin DeYoung’s blog here before, but I really “liked” his post today, The Villain With a Thousand Faces. I “liked” it because he was talking about sin, and I found many, many sentences in the post quite convicting, especially as a person who tends to sin not in those outward ways that would get me a lot of dirty looks, but in those far more dangerous, inward, self-righteous ways.

I also don’t like the word “convicting”. The post reminded me that I’m not nearly as good a person as I sometimes think I am, and that I sometimes think I am is probably a problem in itself! There.

And then, on a happier note, I liked the post Lay Itinerancy from the “Posts from the Frontier” blog by David Scott. Yosnowden knows its author and turned me onto this blog. Lately he has been talking about how to promote (and define) unity within Methodism, and his post today is to encourage Methodists to intentionally worship at another Methodist church (besides their home church) every couple of months, in order “to learn about them, form relationships, extend the sense of connectionalism between congregations, and create the opportunity for collaborative ministry.”

If you know me, you probably can guess that I think that’s a great idea – I love visiting other churches. I certainly wouldn’t restrict that activity to within a denomination though, especially not being Methodist myself! (Though I would apply a certain level of… theological filtering. There are churches I would not visit.)

Plus, think of all the “visitor” treats you would get if you keep appearing in other churches!

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