Fall Approacheth

I know this because when I was teaching today, corn abruptly sprouted up alongside all the lamp posts in downtown Lansing.

Note also that those leaves don’t look entirely green. And then there is this:

Symphonies are a Fall-Spring activity, right? And it’s funny – here we have tickets to two concerts within a few weeks of one another, and when we were in Saint Louis for, you know, five years, we didn’t once attend a performance of the Saint Louis Symphony proper. (We did see subsets of it at other events.) Maybe the big difference is just that the concert is nearer to our home here. That’s one of the things I like about Lansing generally, actually – we’re ~3.5 miles from downtown Lansing, ~1 mile from downtown East Lansing/MSU, and most of the cultural events in the area happen in one of those two locations. There isn’t a Chesterfield or, worse, Saint Charles, hosting events I would like to attend but can’t reach! Anyways.

And then, sunsets are still beautiful. Cameras never really capture them, yet we persist in trying.

That is in Hawk’s Nest Park at the northern extremity of East Lansing. It contains a lot of “wet-mesic prairie”, I believe the sign said? This means it also contains muskrats! I have not yet seen one, but would like to take one home for a pet. (No, not really.)

The bike ride back home was almost mystical in the twilight, with mists rising from adjacent ponds and the bullfrogs?, I think, laughing in the dark.

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