A few photos from East Lansing

The first is a bit of a local mystery for me.

We live on Saginaw just west of Abbot, with one “t”. Yet there are several businesses on Abbot called “Abbott such and such”, with two “t’s”, and as you can see, the cross-street here is Abbottwoods, again with two “t’s”. But one day I noticed, if you’ll look closely at that Abbot Road sign, that there is a piece of green tape over a second “t”!

It isn’t vandalism – some of the (presumably newer) signs on Abbot only have one “t” printed, and some of the (presumably newer) businesses on Abbot are called “Abbot such and such”. But what in the world happened to persuade the city to change the name of the road from Abbott to Abbot? And presumably after it had been Abbott for quite some time – all those businesses didn’t spring up overnight, after all! I’d guess it was Abbott for at least a decade and probably a lot longer. What did Mr. Abbott do?

OK, on to some prettier photos. I think if we decide to stay in East Lansing for a long time, I would like to move closer to downtown – we’re about a mile to the north of downtown right now. But one of the advantages to our current location is that we are closer to the Northern Tier Bike Trail, where you can enjoy scenery like this while you get some exercise.

Ducks! (They are those little specks at right.) Has helpful signage too.

Wait, does that mean that there is nothing happening in Harrison Meadows Park and we should all go downtown, or that there is nothing happening downtown and we should go to Harrison Meadows Park? Hmm. I suppose the former seems more likely.

And finally, on the subject of bikes, our condo has installed the new bike racks! Here they are modeled by my Cannondale Synapse at right. Hooray.

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