G.K. Chesteron wrote a hymn?

Again, I had no idea that the great author of Orthodoxy and other books had branched out in this way. (Since he is such a poet, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised!) I came across the following in a prayer book – it is titled “A Hymn for the Church Militant”, but I’m actually not sure if and what music it was set to.

Great God, that bowest sky and star,
Bow down our towering thoughts to Thee,
And grant us in a faltering war
The firm feet of humility

Lord, we that snatch the swords of flame,
Lord, we that cry about Thy ear,
We too are weak with pride and shame,
We too are as our foemen are.

Yea, we are mad as they are mad,
Yea, we are blind as they are blind,
Yea, we are very sick and sad
Who bring good news to all mankind.

The dreadful joy Thy Son has sent
Is heavier than any care;
We find, as Cain his punishment,
Our pardon more than we can bear.

Lord, when we cry Thee far and near
And thunder through all lands unknown
The Gospel into every ear,
Lord, let us not forget our own.

Cleanse us from ire of creed or class,
The anger of the idle kings;
Sow in our souls, like living grass,
The laughter of all lowly things.

One of the questions raised at our last “Growth Group” meeting was whether we ever had problems doing evangelism. And I didn’t say anything, but I thought that one of the problems I *sometimes* have personally is that I make evangelism into an intellectual game instead of an act of love – like, I’m going to show you, dear atheist, how smart I am by proving Christianity and pointing out all the ways you are wrong. So indeed, God who has given me a mind that works very well, “bow down my towering thoughts to Thee”. It isn’t about me.

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