On being attacked by children

No, not really.

My wife has been attending a small group at our new church for a few weeks now, but I went for the first time last night. And there were children there! Lots of children. (Young children.) I think, actually, more children than adults, although I didn’t count. I was trying to remember if any small group or Bible study I have ever attended ever had any children. I think this might be the first time.

I was struck by how happy all the children were to see each other. (Because it wasn’t really their choice to hang out with these other kids, it was their parents’ choice, right?) Probably they weren’t spending a lot of time thinking, “I wonder if these other people and I have enough in common that we could be friends.” Probably it was more like, “You’re under four feet tall too? That’s great!” I don’t know if there is a lesson there for me or not!

We started going through First Thessalonians. Looking forward to it.

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