Our brick!

My wife and I decided to maintain our membership in Forest Park Forever, even as we move away from St. Louis, so we are still promoting some small good in this city we love, whether we should ever return to it or not. (Yeah, yeah, cue the song.) Anywho, for a couple of years our membership was at the level where you could have a brick put in by the World’s Fair Pavilion. One of our bricks is just supposed to have our names on it, and I have no idea where that brick is or if it was ever put in the ground. But I biked over there in the crazy heat of this afternoon to take a photo of our other brick, so I made sure I had one before leaving. Here it is!

+5 points if you recognize the reference. Seemed appropriate for a park, eh? It’s in the Maple section if you ever find yourself over there looking at bricks (circled in blue here, while the “MAPLE” brick is in green.)

It is quite a beautiful Pavilion, and a beautiful park, a treasure of the city. We were glad to enjoy it for so long. (And who knows, perhaps we will again.)

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