Because I absolutely do this

My office-mate and I were talking this morning about all the different ways to send someone a message today, and I joked that I could make a flow chart to help you decide which way you should pick. And if I did, it would look, er, pretty much like the one below. Because, in truth, I pretty much go through this in my head (in about one second) every time I send a message. (Is that sad?)

Sorry, if this was XKCD there would be cute little people all over the place. But it isn’t.

One can only imagine how confused I would be if I regularly used a cell phone with text message capability. Where does that go? Messages less than 30 characters? (As anyone who has ever received an email from me knows, me writing something less than 500 characters is an accomplishment. It’s amazing I ever get below 140.) And what about handwritten letters? (They are for whenever you want an extra personal touch, I guess. And can afford to wait a few days, an eternity by 21st century standards, for reception!)

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